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2012 Official Countdown To December 21, 2012

24.10.2010 - Information - 14 comments

For Immediate Release:This is not another “sky is falling” warning like y2k...
It's not some made up event by conspiracy theorist. And it's certainly
not something dreamt up for a Hollywood movie...

Enter Your Name and Email Address In
The Form On The Right To Discover...

Where well-meaning “experts” went wrong... and why governments of the world ultimatley decided not to tell you
the truth.
What is really going to happen in December of 2012... and exactly how millions will be affected, and your world will be turned upside down... forever!
How you can safeguard your life... and the lives of your family members. Because you really can survive... and spiritually
thrive in the wake of this life-changing event.

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Hypnotherapy & NLP Certification Courses!

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Your Online Resource for Hypnosis and NLP Certification!
•Don't be misled by other programs padded out to 300 hours!
•We strip out all the unnecessary time wasting & just present to you all the information you need to practice safely, successfully and professionally.
•Our graduates receive lifetime support from The American Alliance of Hypnotists or The American University of NLP.

Program List:

Basic Hypnotist Certification

Advanced Hypnotist Certification

NLP Practitioner Training Program

NLP Master Practitioner Training Program

NLP Trainer's Training Program


What is NLP, and how does it benefit you?

This home based course, is designed to be a resource for you for the rest of your life, to teach you what NLP is and how to effectively use it. You will learn valuable tools for using NLP as well as unique tools for life in this intensive, power-packed course.

This course will go beyond how to teach NLP --or anything else -- into group control tactics and techniques. It will show you how to impact your group at will.

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2012 Survival (new)

13.03.2011 - Information - 14 comments

What is Included in the
2012 Survival Guide?

2012 - The Survival Guide

Once you understand what’s coming, you’ve got to know how to live through it.

Mankind, your family, and your world need you to survive to keep our civilization alive.

Setup specifically around the unusually intense disasters 2012 has in store, this covers drastic survival techniques that a standard guide discounts since it’ll “never happen”.

  • 101 items you’ve got to have before 2012 or you may never get your hands on them. (Seems like common sense, but you’re sure to forget at least 10!)
  • Urban survival on steroids – if you or your family are caught anywhere with over 1,000,000 enemies you’re going to need this information to survive!
  • Household items you need to produce safe drinking water, over and over again! (And it’s not by boiling)
  • Practically automatic ways to generate electricity at the flip of a switch! It’s so brain-dead simple you may start using it now…
  • How to protect yourself and your family… from far more than weapons! This can be the difference between a long, happy life, and a slow, painful death.
  • Exactly where you WON’T want to be, and how to find the perfect place to ride out the coming storms (Not Colorado or Montana!)
  • Personal way to survive both extreme temperatures, unless you like the thought of freezing to death, or baking in your own skin!

You’d Be Plain STUPID To Ignore
All Of The ‘Natural’ Disasters
That Have Hit In The Past Few Years!

WARNING: These numbers may be extremely disturbing.

In 2004 for there was the tsunami. At least 227,898 dead. Followed by the destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

2006 brought terrible mudslides in the Philippines. In 2008 there were blizzards in China and Afghanistan, not to mention Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (146,000 dead).

Most recently, the 2010 Haitian Earthquake, followed by the massive Chilean Earthquake had terrible consequences.

Since 1995 The Frequency & Severity Of Storms Has
Drastically Increased.

Over 231,000 fatalities and counting between them.

As if that wasn’t enough, unfortunately, a byproduct of plate movements and earthquakes is… volcanic activity.

As recent as March 20, 2010 the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull (pronounced AY-uh-fyat-luh-YOE-kuutl-uh) erupted, completely shutting down much of Europe’s air space.
Every other time Eyjafjallajokull has erupted, her big sister, Katla, hasn’t been far behind.

If Katla erupts we’d be dealing with far more than some closed air space.

But that’s not the scariest part.

Ever hear of Yellowstone National Park? Smack-dab in the middle of our country is one of the largest caldera volcanoes in the world.

What would happen if Yellowstone’s super-volcano erupted?

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Power Of Conversational Hypnosis + Future & 20+ Products

24.10.2010 - Information - 14 comments

" Who Else Wants To Discover A
Rebel Psychiatrist's Amazing Secret
That Lets You Put People Under Your
Control Quickly & Easily … and Get
Them to Do Anything You Want?"

Now you can unleash your natural ability to...

Influence anyone to follow your lead
Get clients & customers to buy from you
Command new respect with everyone
Negotiate with stellar success
Compel colleagues to do what you suggest
Get just about anyone to say “Yes”
Have children & teens obey your commands
Keep your lover(s) eternally loyal

And best of all, they will thank you for the
opportunity to do as you say.

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The Numerologist

24.10.2010 - Information - 14 comments

See Why The Shocking Truth
In Your Numerology Chart
Cannot Tell A Lie...

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Dr. Robert Anthony - The Secret of Deliberate Creation and more!

24.10.2010 - Information - 14 comments

One more thing. As my way of "walking the walk" instead of just "talking the talk" I would like to give you a Free Gift RIGHT NOW!

If you are like most people, I am sure you would like to earn more money.

A few years ago I wrote a very popular book called "How to Make Your Mind a Money Magnet" - The Secret of Never Ending Cash Flow. This book will change your thinking when it comes to creating wealth...

It is only one idea, but it is an idea that can change your financial life. This strategy is NOT taught in 99.9% of all 'wealth creation' programs. Use it now to immediately open the floodgates to unending cash flow.

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Truth About Hypnosis

24.10.2010 - Information - 14 comments

“You're About To Learn Secrets That Most People Will Never Even Know About How To Use Hypnosis to Take Control of Your Behaviors and Influence Others."
"Give us 1 hour per week and we'll force the world's top hypnotists to give up their most powerful, most covert, and most effective mind control secrets for creating the life of YOUR dreams"- Jim Katsoulis

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2012 Unlocked -- Powered By Webseeds.com - *Proven Products

24.10.2010 - Information - 14 comments

WebSeeds is a fast growing company focused on ClickBank, E-commerce and lead generation optimization. More than 50 vendors have signed up for our ClickBank Success program.

WebSeeds also offers a groundbreaking affiliate platform to ensure the success of our vendor and affiliate partners.

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2012 Survival (new) High Converting Product

24.10.2010 - Information - 14 comments

The 2012-Survival-Guide is packed full of action items and check lists to help you prepare and survive.

Here are a few other topics that we discuss in the survival guide:

How to know who is right, and who is wrong
about 2012 (trust me, you don’t want to be wrong)

Exactly what to put in your 2012 “Bug-Out-Bag” – so you’re ready for any disaster wherever you’re at!
What the new currency is going to be, and how to thrive after December 21, 2012 – even if you’re broke now!
100 items you’ll never get if you wait until a disaster. One of these can make the difference between life and death!
The worst place you could be on December 21, 2012, and the one place that you’re virtually guaranteed to survive happily!
Understand what the Maya, Illuminati, New World Order, Norse Vikings, Hopi Prophecies, Nastradamus and the Order of Druids all really say about 2012, and how to use it to survive.
Why the year is 2012, and not 2112 (this dangerous rumor could spell disaster for you).
Why every nation’s government has been working around the clock to make sure their “Red Button” works, and how you can be better prepared than them. (Not hard, but tricky).
How hard science is backing up shamans, and making it easy to see the real truth.
The media red-flags the government sends up when they panic, and how to use that to stay one step ahead of Big Brother. A crucial skill to have if you want to save your life as we get closer to 2012.

How the solar maximum of 2012 will really affect our civilization. (It’s not what you think!)

Cold, hard evidence for a complete magnetic polar shift – and the kind of freak storms it will create!

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Underground Hypnosis Course

24.10.2010 - Information - 14 comments

You Are About To Learn
The Most Controversial...
...And The Most Effective
Mind Control Secrets
Ever Invented!

You Can Be Absorbing These Amazing Training Techniques In The Next 30 Seconds!

You can order this amazing system right now and actually start discovering these Underground "Black Ops" Training Secrets within 30 seconds... yes, that is right... WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can be mastering these rare tactics that can transform you into an advanced persuasion machine.

Here's the deal:

I made "downloadable audio" versions of this course so you can take them on the go ... You can easily put these on your ipod or burn it to a CD for listening in the car.

But I've even taken the entire system (10 segments in all) and made them so they'll play right over your computer speakers.

All you do is click the "play" button you'll see beside each segment and the audio course will start playing instantly ...

What's even better is there's nothing to download or install if you don't want to ...and you don't need any fancy programs to play it.

You can listen even if you're new to computers. It's easy.

And, you can listen as many times as you like ...from any computer in the world!

And one more thing... I've also included a ton of manuals that go over these techniques in detail.

You can print these out and keep them for "cheat sheets" to use anytime.

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Manual de los Maestros Hechiceros. Excelentes Ventas.

24.10.2010 - Information - 14 comments

"Te Presento:
El Manual De Los Maestros Hechiceros"

El Manual De Los Maestros Hechiceros consiste en una tecnica infalible para que los novatos puedan utilizar el gran poder de la Magia Blanca en su beneficio.

Por otro lado, El Manual De Los Maestros Hechiceros contiene TODOS mis Hechizos, los cuales fueron perfeccionados para que los utilicen los Grandes Maestros de la Magia:

Nunca mas vuelvas a sufrir por un Amor que se alejo de Ti. Volvera a tus brazos en muy pocos dias.

No te preocupes si el amor de tu vida no se fija en Ti. Lo tendras a tus pies.

Deja los conflictos con tu pareja de lado de una vez por todas, y para siempre!

Necesitas un poco de Buena Suerte?, atrae la fortuna y el dinero a tu vida de forma rapida y segura.

Consigue ser mas atractiva o atractivo con lo ultimo en Magia Blanca, los Hechizos de Belleza mas poderosos.

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