?Horse Racing Betting Systems – Oldest System On The Planet


Horse Racing Betting Systems –

Oldest System On The Planet

Horse Racing Betting Systems - Oldest System On The Planet


“In 7 Minutes You Will Learn

Exactly  How to Pick Race

Winners Seemingly Out of Thin Air!”

The Best Part? You don’t need any fancy horse racing system, software, or even betting experience…
All you need is a racing form & my guide!

Stop chasing every horse racing system out there! You only need one. My horse racing system has been around forever but only a lucky few know about it. Now you can join them!


~ Dear Horseplayer,Mike Lane Have you ever heard the saying “you can beat a race but you can’t beat the races?”

Well, I can tell you it’s true. In fact I know it’s true because I used to be the jerk that tried to beat the races and played every race on the card and got my brains beat out in the process.

Hi, my name is Mike Lane.

Join me if you have ever…:

Purchased tip sheet after tip sheet with no success
Won big on one race, only to give it all back and then some
Spent hundreds of dollars on horse racing systems; only to go home broke
Wondered whether you are ever going to make any money on the horses…

Believe me, I know how you feel. In fact, I was once the same.

I’ll never forget what it’s like to be part of the majority of chumps standing at the rail, tearing up tickets, searching for that one longshot that would get me to almost even. Those are some sad memories.

For me, though, that’s all they are — memories.

You see, it got to a point where I was so sick of being another guy who couldn’t beg a winner… So, I spent the next two and a half years researching this subject of handicapping, hitting the forms heavy, and betting the horses with what I learnt. It hurt like the dickens, and the learning curve was steep, but suddenly I went from loser to winner.

A friend of my father (who is now deceased) gave me another horse racing system. This one was different. It was old. It was so old that it didn’t even have a title to it. The pages were yellow with age. It was obvious that it had been passed around…a lot.

And after reading it through I found that it was simple. It was easy to understand. It wasn’t full of addition and subtraction or division. I didn’t have an elaborate system of x’s and o’s.



What I did have, though, is the formula for picking winners.

I can tell you that this formula is simple once you understand it, but very counter-intuitive and you will never guess it if someone hasn’t told it to you.

The formula completely contradicts traditional handicapping advice…

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You can disregard the weight the horse is carrying. It doesn’t matter which jockey is on the animal or which trainer is training him. The difference between this horse racing system and the hundreds of others out there is that when the few simple rules are followed, you become a winner. It is as simple as that.

As old as this system is…it is still producing winners!

I have actually broken the whole selection process down into a set of rules that, once followed, all but guarantees incredible success betting on the horses.

Inside my horse betting system guide,

you will learn all of
this and much, much more…

  • Exactly what wins races. Want to know the truth about the whole “what really wins races” issue? Well, it is simple and it may not be what you think. I had to learn the hard way.


  • How to determine if that winning element is in the race just by scanning the horses. Do you know how to do this? Chances are you don’t.


  • A simple little trick that will separate the contenders from the pretenders. This is very important and oh so easy. You will wonder why you have not thought of it before.


  • Most horse players’ worst mistake. This bit of knowledge makes purchasing this report all worth it. If you avoid this one mistake you will join the very “elite” handicappers.


  • How to deal with your new found success. This part of the system is so important that if you don’t do this you will fall back into the loser category.


  • A very unique twist to the system That I have added that will produce at least 25% more winners.. This is just a bonus for you that I have added. You can use it or not.


  • A Complete Money Management System.. This is the life blood of your horse playing.

Horse Racing Betting Systems - Oldest System On The PlanetWarning! With this horse betting system you will have

to change EVERYTHING you thought you knew about handicapping…

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You will have to forget everything you thought you knew…all the books you have bought, all the rubbish you have been told… from now on it’s time to throw out the mediocre results and learn how it’s REALLY done from someone who has been there and done it.

All this means, you should act today

and start using the horse racing system


Horse Racing Betting Systems - Oldest System On The Planet

I won’t say that this system will change your entire life.

But it will change your horse racing aspect of life.

Horse Racing Betting Systems - Oldest System On The Planet

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Horse Racing Betting Systems - Oldest System On The Planet


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