The Worlds 1st Effective Roulette Software That Actually Works!!


The Worlds 1st Effective Roulette Software

That Actually Works!!



I decided to start counting how often each area would go for before it would come up, and the longest set of spins I saw come up in a row was 23 on column bets. The second longest had been 22 spins on black.

I decided that I was going to risk 50 of my chips on the first column on the 24th spin and to my amazement it come up! Giving me 150 chips in return!! I couldn’t believe that I was up over 100 chips off one single bet.
Obviously there was an element of luck involved, but I believed that if I could do it once, I could do it again.

I stayed at the table for nearly 2 hours just watching and the longest an area had gone was around 18 spins before it hit, but I knew that if I could get up to 22 or 23 again that I could win again.



Then just when I was about to give up, a long run of 22 Reds came up so I put all of my 300 chips on Black. Then much to my delight I won again, this time doubling my 300 chips now to 600.

As the croupier paid me my chips he said “The Lucky Lady does it again” which caught the attention of my colleagues and even complete strangers who were sat around the roulette table.

In fact, every time I placed a bet 3 or 4 people would also place the same bet. They just kept coming in, and in that one night my eyes had been opened to something that I never thought was possible, and I’d even made enough money that night to pay off all of my credit card bills and debts.

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