Z-code System Review Breaks Down Popular Sports Betting Program



Z-code System Review

Breaks Down Popular Sports Betting Program

Z-code System is an immensely popular sports betting program that just moved out of beta testing and is now only available to members.

Unlike other sports betting programs, this one is based on the Forex currency market model. A crew of 27 programmers spent more than two years developing a system that automates sports picks and provides users with picks based on a precise prediction model 27 months in the making.


The developers didn’t look at Zcode System from a betting perspective; they wanted to create a system that would allow users to “trade” in the sports market, the same way one would invest on the Foreign Exchange (Forex).


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“This really is a novel concept that startles the line between investing and betting,” said IMInsiderRepor.com editor Kenneth Phillips. “I’ve never seen a system like this before, particularly one that has users reporting such excellent results.”


While the developers are keeping the “secret sauce” of the system close to home, IMInsider report was able to squeeze some information from the developers for this Zcode System review. The program processes more than 80 different parameters in every game, including player conditions, injuries, home team advantage, past performance, future performance predictions and plenty of other considerations.


The Z-Code system calculates thousands the same way savvy investors use experts and top-dollar computer systems to root out the most promising investments.

“It cuts out the single most important factor that causes so many people to lose consistently: emotions,” Phillips said. “This program severs emotional ties to your favorite teams and \

The Z-Code system underwent beta testing as a Facebook group with more than 10,000 members. Once testing was completed an the system perfected, Z-Code System was taken private and offered exclusively to members. The official website is already being flooded with users experiencing better results than they imagined.



To learn more about how the Z-Code System works, or to become a member, log onto the official site here.




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